High recycling of aluminum cans

 Friday, 28 September 2018

No matter how many times the aluminum is used - the smelting process, the quality remains the same. Even the scrap aluminum, a by-product from the aluminum can manufacturing process, can be reprocessed into new aluminum sheets and then used to produce more aluminum cans.
Another amazing fact is that the raw material for making aluminum cans is a huge aluminum billet weighing up to nine tons! A roll of aluminum blank can produce 750,000 aluminum cans. The whole process is eye-opening. The metal sheet is punched into a circular slab, and then the round slab is rolled into a shallow cup shape, and further formed into an aluminum can.
If you think the whole process ends here, then you are wrong. Aluminum cans must also be cleaned, dried, varnished and printed. The press can print 1800 cans per minute. This data gives you some idea of how fast the press will run. Finally, the top of the aluminum can is molded, and each tank is photographed by the vision system during the movement to ensure the quality is up to standard. Any aluminum cans that do not meet the standards will be returned for recycling.

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