Diy used aluminum cans for barbecue

 Friday, 10 August 2018

First cut the empty aluminum cans with scissors, and use aluminum strips for long strips. In the second step, the edge of the semi-aluminum can is bent to 90 degrees to flatten the grill net. Next, use a pair of pliers to bend an iron wire into a wire mesh and place it on an aluminum can. Then, insert a U-shaped bolt with a set of iron into the aluminum can and pull it at a 45 degree angle. Then drill a few holes in the side of the aluminum can, and then connect the aluminum cans together with metal, so that a mini grill is completed.
When using the mini barbecue, just put some charcoal fire in the aluminum can, then put the iron mesh into the ingredients, you can start the barbecue. When we put the ingredients on the rack and then close the aluminum cans above, we can also make the ingredients more cooked.

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