Tin can value

 Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The CCTV Jianbao column recently identified several pieces of tinware in the folk collection, which made ordinary people begin to understand the collection knowledge of tinware. In January 2007, the National Museum of China collected three pieces of tinware made by the old city of Bengxi Arts and Crafts Factory designed by Chinese master of arts and craftsman Lai Qingguo: Twelve Jixiang Pu'er Tea Treasures (Zexi), Jiuxiang Wonderful Pot, four elephant Pu'er tea Xibao (Zexi). For the collection of tinware, few people have paid attention to it before, and the authenticity of tinware is still very common in the market. Even if it is a rare and rare piece of tin, the price will not be too high. Therefore, now is a good time to collect the tinware.

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