Use aluminum can sealing tool

 Wednesday, 15 August 2018

When processing the sealing curved surface formed by the aluminum can, it is viewed from the central axis direction of the sealing curved surface, and the curved surface is located at the upper left side of the sealing curved surface. Preferably, the shape of the curved surface has a quarter of a combined area of the aluminum can sealing surface. The utility model further comprises a cutter, wherein the cutter edge is vertically aligned with the center of the aluminum can seal surface, and the curved surface is located above the cutter, and the outer circumference curve corresponding to the outer diameter of the aluminum can on the curved surface is tangentially connected above the cutter edge of the cutter . The curved surface is preferably a spherical surface, and may be a paraboloid or a tapered surface. The utility model also discloses a processing method using an aluminum can sealing tool.

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