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Unused tin cans can be used to do some finished products manually

 Tuesday, 10 July 2018

I’m a hoarder of tin cans. I guess building a new desk was just the motivation I needed.
The first thing you will want to do is gather up some tin cans and a piece of scrap wood. We have TONS of scrap wood lying around our garage, but you can also buy scrap wood at Home Depot.

Clean the tin cans. We clean the cans before I put them in a bin to be hoarded saved for later, but I gave them another good scrub before I went on to paint them.
Tape off a design you want on the cans. I wanted triangles/abstract mountains so I made some triangle shapes with some Frog Tape I had on hand.
Spray paint or hand paint the cans. I used gold spray paint. I wasn’t sure if I would want to paint the taped off parts white or keep them silver, so I waited to see how the gold looked against the silver before making a decision.

Once the paint is dry remove your tape. You can now decide if you want to keep the previously taped off sections as is, or paint them a different color. My gold paint turned out a bit more bronze on the silver and although I liked it, I felt like the can lacked contrast so I painted the bottom of the cans with some white paint using a foam brush.
Paint or stain your piece of scrap wood. I used a navy paint I previously mixed up.
Once the paint is dry you can spray a clear sealer on the cans and piece of scrap wood to prevent the paint from chipping.
Use your glun gun to attach the cans to the wood. I used the glue gun because it’s quick and easy, and there was no waiting for the glue to dry. I’m impatient so the glue gun is my bff.

Organize your items into the cans and admire your new upcycled storage!
I have to admit that I actually painted the scrap wood a couple different colors before settling on blue. I didn’t get any photos in between but will say that I LOVE the color combination now.

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